New recycling service to help small businesses

A convenient, local facility to dispose of waste

Oct 4 2016

Trade waste

There’s a new service for small businesses in Hampshire to dispose of their commercial waste. For the first time, we have opened up Hampshire’s Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) to small businesses on weekdays. With sites across the county, this gives businesses a convenient and local place to safely dispose of their business waste, even if they have just small amounts.

This commercial residual and recyclable waste is accepted on a chargeable basis. It’s one of the ways we’re able to make sure we can afford to keep all the HWRCs open, which is what residents told us was their priority in recent public consultations. So, even though we are having to find significant savings due to continued cuts to Government funding, by doing things a bit differently, we can keep this facility open and local, and in a way that’s fair to all council taxpayers.

Veolia, who manage the HWRC contract for Hampshire County Council, have developed this waste disposal option for businesses on a commercial basis. Small businesses are now able to dispose of the same waste material as residents at all of Hampshire’s HWRCs, except for Efford.

Some materials are not accepted at HWRCs, from either residents or businesses, including tyres. However, opening County Council sites up for disposal of a range of material from commercial operations provides an alternative to commercial transfer stations for small businesses.

Full list of accepted waste at HWRCs

Businesses are asked to pay by debit or credit card, and are charged based on the amount and type of waste material.

As an example, the charges below are based on a full load of amenity (non-recyclable) waste. Cost per vehicle varies according to the type of waste or recyclable material and load size. There is a minimum charge of half a load.

Vehicle type Cost (full load)
Cars/estate cars £35
Small vans (car derived such as Astra van/Escort van) £50
Pick-ups/MPVs/SUVs £80
Medium van 1-2 tonnes (such as Peugeot Boxer/Vauxhall Vivaro)  £120
Large van up to 3 tonnes (such as Transit)  £200
XL van up to 3.5 tonnes (such as Luton/Hightop) 
Small trailer (less than 6 foot in length) 
Medium trailer (6 – 8 foot in length)
Large trailer (8 -10 foot in length)  £80
£10 per sheet

This month also sees the introduction of charges for residents for some types of DIY/construction waste. This includes soil and rubble, which costs £2.50 to dispose of at an HWRC. Plasterboard costs £10 per sheet or £6 per bag. Cement-bonded asbestos is accepted at Andover, Basingstoke, Efford and Netley HWRCs at £12 per sheet.