Archive of the month: Women’s suffrage: petitions, protests and pilgrimages

The Hampshire women whose endeavours helped determine the course of history and provided an opportunity for all our voices to be heard

Sep 19 2018

Your Hampshire

This year marks the 100th anniversary of The Representation of the People Act, which gave women over 30 and ‘of property’ the right to vote. The campaign to gain women the vote often brings to mind Emmeline Pankhurst, the death of Emily Davison at The Derby in 1913 and the often militant actions of The Women’s Social and Political Union, such as setting fire to post boxes and the bombing of David Lloyd George’s house.

However, many other organisations and individuals fought for women’s suffrage and did so through non-violent means, such as petitions, publications and peaceful protests. Our Archive of the Month looks at how women in Hampshire, and the surrounding area, sought to push forward the rights of women.

Find out more, as the 100th anniversary marks an opportunity to remember them all.

Photo: National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies march from Portsmouth to London passes down Petersfield High Street. Image courtesy of Petersfield Museum, ref HPP3/067.