Browser support

Hantsweb sites and services

Hantsweb has been built to be compliant with the standards of HTML5 and CSS3.

The site aims to achieve compliance with the WAI AA accessibility standard.

JavaScript is used across the site to enhance the way we deliver services to you. However, you should find that most services are still usable if you choose or have to disable JavaScript.

Chart of tested browsers

The chart below shows the browsers we have tested Hantsweb against.


  • Supported browsers - we have tested in this browser, and the site behaves as expected
  • Partially supported browsers - we have tested in this browser, and core functionality works, but not all CSS and JavaScript will be present
  • Not supported browsers - these are not formally supported by the browser maker, and are not supported by us. If you are using one of these browsers, we recommend you upgrade

Supported browsers


40.0 and above

Internet Explorer

11.0 and above

IE mobile

10.0 and above


30.0 and above

Android browser

4.0 and above


25.0 and above


5.0 and above

Safari - iOS

4.2 and above


19.0 and above

Partially supported browsers

Safari - iOS

4.0 and below

Opera Mini

6.0 and above

Not supported browsers

Internet Explorer

10.0 and below