Paying for care

This information is to answer your queries about payments to or from the Council. It is for adults who are having their care fully funded or partly funded by us. See Adult social care for more about paying for care.

Your Application for Assistance from the Council

To check the progress of your application, you need to contact your Social worker who will be able to advise you.

How the fees are paid

We will invoice you for the amount we have assessed you to pay. Invoices are normally sent out every four weeks.

If you had a new financial assessment, the invoice will be issued within four weeks of the assessment being finalised.

You can arrange to make payment direct to the County Council, either by setting up a direct debit or by paying each four weekly invoice.

If you have any concerns about not having received an invoice, you can contact Adults Health & Care on 0300 555 1386

Benefit and pension payments

Regardless of the result of your financial assessment, your benefits and pension payments will continue to be paid directly to you.

Change in financial circumstances

You must contact Hampshire County Council to report any changes in your financial circumstances. This includes if you are/your relative is now below the upper savings limit.

Annual review letter

Once a year the contribution of every client must be reviewed and recalculated. This is due to changes to personal allowances and upper savings limit by Government and changes in benefit rates and other income.

If you receive an annual review letter when you haven't received care for some time, it is for information only. Should your care be reinstated within the following year you will be charged either your maximum contribution or the cost of your care (whichever is the lower).

Unpaid care home fees

If you have a resident that has not been paying their fees, email [email protected] with this information:

  • client full name
  • Swift number
  • the amount of contribution that you have collected in total from admission onward
  • what actions you have already taken to try to collect the contribution.