Partnership Framework

Hampshire Local Councils Partnership Framework

The aim of this Partnership Framework is to improve joint working between Hampshire County Council and Hampshire local councils so that services are more efficient and responsive to the needs of local communities, providing best value and quality.

The key principles of the Partnership Framework are:

  1. Trust and mutual respect
  2. Communication
  3. Consultation
  4. Advice and Support
  5. Collaboration on service shaping and delivery
  6. Better value

About this Partnership Framework

This Partnership Framework helps local councils to retain their distinctiveness while providing a framework that ensures opportunities for all communities to work towards delivering their priorities. The Framework aims to support sustainable communities and achieve continuous improvement to public services in Hampshire.

The Partnership Framework recognises the value of close, positive collaborative working between the County Council, the Hampshire Association of Local Councils and local councils themselves. Close collaboration will benefit strategic planning, sustainable service provision and will maximise the deep-rooted knowledge and community links in local councils. This style of working is closely aligned to the delivery of Hampshire County Council’s three corporate priorities: Hampshire safer and more secure for all, maximising well-being and enhancing our quality of place.

The Partnership Framework is the start of a process of closer working. Some of the issues in the Partnership Framework will need further discussion and development and so it is a ‘living’ document which is flexible and open to revision. Hampshire County Council commits to refreshing the Partnership Framework as appropriate in consultation with the Hampshire Association of Local Councils.

Download the full document:

Partnership Framework

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