Austen Academy Special School – Consultation on planning application

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Hampshire County Council, in partnership with Catch22 Multi Academies Trust and the Department for Education, wish to consult with you ahead of the proposal to submit a planning application for a new special school in Popley, Basingstoke

Catch22 Multi Academies Trust has been approved by the Department of Education as the sponsor for the proposed new school will be called Austen Academy.

Reason for proposal

The new school is being established following a successful bid by the County Council to the Department for Education as a result of the rise in demand for special school places.

The new school will cater for 125 children aged 5-16 who have social and communication difficulties. This will enable these vulnerable children to be able to access education in a safe and familiar setting to lessen their feelings of anxiety and provide the best learning opportunities to meet their needs.

What is being proposed?

It is intended that the school is built in Popley, Basingstoke, on the site of the former Chineham Park Primary School. An assessment of the most appropriate method to build the school has been undertaken and in order to provide the most beneficial learning environment to reflect the needs of these pupils a new building is proposed. This will involve the demolition of the former school building with improvements being made to the vehicular access to the site to better allow for two way traffic. Additional car parking will also be provided. The existing nursery building on site will remain. It is planned that the new school building will be completed in early 2021.

View the Austen Academy building plans

The consultation seeks your views before a planning application is submitted in February 2019.

The consultation will run from 7 January 2019 to 4 February 2019 with a drop-in session on 23 January 2019 between 3pm and 6pm

This will be held on the proposed new school site in the former school building on Shakespeare Road, Popley. You will be able to meet with officers of the County Council, staff from the school and the contractor who will be building the school to ask questions and view the proposed plans.

If you are unable to attend this session and wish to make a comment then please write to Glenn Parkinson, Strategic Development Officer, Children’s Services Department, EII Court North, Winchester, Hampshire SO23 8UG or e-mail by 4 February 2019.