North Camp Accessibility Package: consultation on proposals to make transport changes in North Camp

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Hampshire County Council is seeking residents' and stakeholders' views on proposals to make transport changes in North Camp

Background and context

The North Camp Accessibility package is a collection of schemes designed to reduce delay to travel along Lynchford Road and improve accessibility across North Camp. It includes:

  • Phase 1 of the Lynchford Road Scheme
  • Alexandra Road (Gold Grid) Bus Priority Scheme
  • Active Travel Fund schemes on Old Lynchford Road and Camp Road
  • North Camp Low Traffic Neighbourhood

The Lynchford Road scheme allows all other potential elements in the Accessibility Package to be delivered as it provides spare capacity across North Camp.

All of the schemes that are being consulted on are in North Camp so engagement is being run on all schemes at the same time so that they are understood as a package of measures, providing the opportunity for a specific response on each scheme. This will enable Hampshire County Council to better understand the current travel needs through the whole of North Camp as well as your views on each individual scheme.

The consultation was open from Monday 1 February 2021 to Friday 5 March 2021.

The findings report from the research has now been published.