Guillemont Junior School, Farnborough - Proposal for a New Resourced Provision for Pupils with Autism (ASC)

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Hampshire County Council proposes to create a new 8-place resourced provision for pupils with autism at Guillemont Junior School from September 2024. This would sit alongside their established resourced provision for 12 pupils with speech, language and communication needs.

The pupils who would attend this new provision would generally be from the local area. They would be on roll at Guillemont Junior School and the school would receive additional resources to ensure that the children’s needs are well supported so that they can successfully access the mainstream environment and curriculum, when appropriate.

The Consultation

The purpose of this consultation is to ask for your views and consult on the development of a new resourced provision for pupils with autism at Guillemont Junior School from September 2023. It is important to hear your views at this stage so we can consider them as part of the work to be undertaken, should approval be obtained.

This consultation will run from Monday 16 January to Monday 13 February 2023. Officers will then take into consideration all the consultation responses received before deciding whether the proposal should continue to the formal publication stage.

Further Information

A drop-in session where you will be able to discuss the proposal with Hampshire County Council officers will take place on Wednesday 1 February between 3:30pm and 6pm at Guillemont Junior School.

Proposed site plan

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are unable to email or visit the above website and wish to make a comment then please write to Sara Carey, Inclusion Commissioning Manager, Children’s Services Department, EII Court North, Winchester, Hampshire SO23 8UG or email [email protected] by Monday 13 February 2023.