Consultation on proposal to increase the capacity of Hollywater School, Bordon

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Hampshire County Council would like to hear your views on the proposal to increase the capacity for Hollywater School

Hollywater School is currently a 128 place special school catering for 2-19 year old pupils with moderate, severe and complex learning difficulties. The school is successfully meeting the needs of children with a range of difficulties in a safe and secure environment. 

The County Council is proposing to undertake internal works which will allow the school to increase the capacity by up to 8 additional places from September 2021. The works will provide additional internal teaching accommodation to enable more children to attend the school and also improve the overall learning environment for all pupils. This will give a final overall capacity of 136 places at Hollywater School.

Reason for proposal

Hampshire County Council is committed to expanding successful provision where possible to meet demand.  Currently there is an increased need to provide support for pupils with difficulties in this area of the county. This proposal will provide much needed specialist educational capacity to meet this increased need.

The consultation

The purpose of this consultation is to seek the view of all stakeholders on the principle of increasing the school capacity to meet the demand for additional special school places in the Bordon area.

The consultation and decision-making process is outlined below:

  • This initial consultation will run from the 22 March to 30 April 2021.
  • A report outlining the consultation responses received will then be taken to the Elected Member for Children’s Services & Young People in May 2021 to decide if the proposal should continue to the formal statutory consultation stage.
  • If approved, a statutory Public Notice would be published in May/June 2021 setting out Hampshire County Council’s intent to increase the capacity of the school and to add to its designation. This is a four week period in which any representations can be made to the local authority.
  • A final report would then be taken to Elected Member for Children’s Services Decision Day in July 2021 who will decide whether or not to proceed with the proposal.

Frequently asked questions

Further information

Due to Covid-19 restrictions and ensuring public safety, unfortunately we are unable to hold a public drop-in event at the school.  However please send in your views and queries by email to [email protected].

If you would like to speak to an Officer then please make that request by email, briefly outlining your query so we can arrange a mutually convenient time for you to speak to an appropriate officer, either via conference call or telephone.

If you are unable to email or visit the above website and wish to make a comment then please write to Christine Jones, SEN Service Manager, Children’s Services Department, EII Court North, Winchester, Hampshire SO23 8UG by 30 April 2021.