Help shape Hampshire’s library service for the future

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Hampshire County Council is asking people who live, work and study in Hampshire to have their say on proposed changes to libraries

The consultation offers a choice between different options.

Why changes are proposed

The way people use library services is changing. Hampshire Library Service continues to evolve in response.

As well as responding to changing needs, the library service is looking to make savings of £1.76 million. All areas of work across the County Council are being looked at to find savings needed to bridge the current funding gap faced by local authorities across the country, as demands for council services grow.

More details to help you decide

To understand what is being proposed, and why change is needed, please read the detailed information pack.

To understand why particular libraries have been put forward for consideration, look at appendices 2 and 3 of the information pack.

Appendices three and four were updated on 20 January with some amendments. All changes are highlighted in teal coloured text. These amendments do not impact the specific proposals within the consultation, which remain unchanged. The changes are also summarised on page 39 of the Information Pack.

Your feedback matters

No decisions will be made on any of these proposals, until people have had the opportunity to give their views. Feedback received will inform decisions to be made by the Executive Member for Recreation and Heritage in summer 2020.

Equality Impact Assessments (EIAs) for the proposals

Take part in the consultation

Consultation response form

Printable Consultation response form

Easy read version - Information pack

Printable Easy Read response form

Easy Read response form

Drop-in sessions

There will be opportunities to drop-in and have an informal chat with the County Council staff leading the consultation, at various venues around the county. This list will be updated as new dates are confirmed.

 Date  Time  Venue  Type of event
Wednesday 29 January 2:30 to 6:30pm Winchester Discovery Centre Public Drop-in
Monday 3 February 2pm to 5pm Hythe Library Public Drop-in
Tuesday 4 February 2pm to 5pm Havant Library Public Drop-in
Tuesday 4 February 2pm to 6pm Chineham Library Public Drop-in
Thursday 6 February 2pm to 6pm Blackfield Library Public Drop-in
Thursday 6 February 2pm to 6pm Odiham Library Public Drop-in
Thursday 6 February 2pm to 6pm Lee on Solent Library Public Drop-in
Friday 7 February 2pm to 6pm South Ham Library Public Drop-in
Saturday 8 February 11am to 3pm Basingstoke Discovery Centre Public Drop-in
Monday 10 February 2pm to 6pm Horndean Library Public Drop-in
Tuesday 11 February 2pm to 6pm Elson Library Public Drop-in
Tuesday 11 February 2pm to 6pm Fair Oak Library Public Drop-in
Wednesday 12 February 9:30am to 2pm Gosport Discovery Centre Public Drop-in
Friday 14 February 2pm to 6pm Emsworth Community Centre Public Drop-in
Friday 14 February 2pm to 6pm Lyndhurst Library Public Drop-in
Monday 2 March 10am to 12pm Lowford Community Library Public Drop-in
Wednesday 4 March 11am to 1pm North Baddesley Community Library Public Drop-in
Thursday 5 March 10:30am to 12:30pm Milford-on-Sea Community Library Public Drop-in
Thursday 5 March 2:30pm to 4:30pm Kingsclere Community Library Public Drop-in

Library consultation drop-in sessions – what you need to know

Why is the library holding a drop-in session?

We want everyone who lives, works or studies in Hampshire to have their say in the consultation, and we would like to make sure that you have an opportunity to discuss proposals with a member of staff. The ‘drop-in’ format allows you to attend at any time during the event to do this.

When is it best to come along?

Each drop-in is open for four hours. Come at any time during this four hour window. If many people come at the same time, this may mean there’s a short wait for each person to speak to someone.

Who will be there to talk to?

Each drop-in event is run by members of senior library staff. They can help you with a range of questions about the proposed options, the consultation process and the data presented.

What if I can’t come to the drop-in event? Can I come to a different one or ask questions in a different way?

We’ve done our best to maximise the number of people we can reach during the consultation period. If you are unable to attend an event, you can attend another one (see list above) or read the consultation document and complete the questionnaire online. There is full information available in the ‘information pack’ online and in your local branch.

Audio version

The consultation Information Pack has been recorded onto a series of audio files, to assist people with visual impairments. If you would prefer to listen to the Information Pack, please do so using the links below.

If, having listened to the information, you would like to arrange a time to complete the Response Form verbally, please call 0300 5551387. Alternatively, you can respond using the online Response Form, using the link above.

Listen to the audio files: