Serving Hampshire - Local Flood and Water Management Strategy Consultation 2020

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Consultation on Hampshire County Council's updated plans for managing flood risk and water management across the County

As Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) for Hampshire, the County Council has a responsibility under the Flood and Water Management Act, 2010, to produce and publish a ‘Local Flood Risk Management Strategy’.

The County Council published its first strategy in 2013 shortly after receiving its LLFA responsibilities. Since this time our knowledge and experience in Flood and Water Management has widened and we have chosen to update our strategy to encompass this further knowledge.

This webpage has been set up to allow our partners and residents of Hampshire to review the strategy and its supporting documents and then respond to the survey to let us know what you think of Hampshire’s proposed methods of managing water and flood risk across the County.


Read the Draft Local Flood and Water Management Strategy 2020 in full

Read the Habitats’ Regulations Assessment in full

Strategic Environmental Assessment