Enlargement of Northern Infant School Portchester

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The proposed enlargement allows Northern Infant School to offer 60 places in Year R (age 4+) allowing the school to cater for 180 pupils

Drop-in session

There is a drop-in session at the school on 14 November 2016 from 3pm to 5.30pm.
County Council officers will be there to answer your questions.

Have your say

You can give comments at the drop-in session.
Or e-mail strategicplanningunit@hants.gov.uk
Or write to Glenn Parkinson, Strategic Development Officer, Children’s Services Department, EII Court North, Winchester, Hampshire SO23 8UG.
Closing date for comments is Friday 16 December 2016.


The expansion is needed because of an increase in the demand for school places in demand. This is because the number of births in the area has risen. This necessitated some additional building works being undertaken to enable the school to accommodate the additional pupils in year R from September 2016. It is intended that the school continue to offer 60 places in year R and, therefore, this consultation is being undertaken to formalise this arrangement from September 2017.

Context and more information

Hampshire County Council has a statutory duty to provide school places. Owing to an increase in the number of children in the school’s catchment area, and in particular demand for Year R places, there is a need for additional school places to be provided.

Where a Local Authority proposes to permanently enlarge a school’s capacity by 25% or more it must follow a procedure set out by the Department for Education.

The primary purpose of this consultation is to seek the view of interested persons on the principle of enlarging the schools to meet the demand for additional school places. We understand that you may have questions about the reasons for the school being expanded to accommodate additional pupils and whether there will be an impact on travel to and from the school.

The consultation will run from 7 November to 16 December 2016. Officers will then consider all the responses before deciding whether the proposal should continue to the formal publication stage.

If the proposal goes forward, we will publish a statutory Public Notice setting out Hampshire County Council’s intent to enlarge the schools. We expect to do this in January 2017.

After the date of publication there will be a four week period in which any representations can be made to the local authority. After the conclusion of this period the County Council will decide whether or not to proceed with the proposal. If the proposal goes forward, we expect to make this decision by the end of February 2017.


Question and answer document about the proposal