Post-16 Transport Policy Statement consultation

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Each year Hampshire County Council publishes a Post-16 Transport Policy Statement specifying transport provisions for students attending school sixth form, college or other post 16 organisations

Currently, HCC funded support may be available to students with an Education, Health, and Care Plan (EHCP) who are also able to evidence that they are unable to get to college by any other means. If support is offered, parents are required to pay an annual parental contribution, currently set at £600 - £1,330, depending on the distance from home to college. This contribution may be waived if families are in receipt of certain benefits and meet certain low-income criteria.

Mainstream students are not normally supported by the Local Authority with the cost of travel to their post-16 destination however, mainstream students from low income families may be supported with travel costs by the 16 to 19 Bursary Fund, which is administered by colleges and other post-16 organisations.

Post-16 organisations can provide comprehensive advice on transport services for students attending their setting.

Hampshire County Council invites your comments on the existing Policy Statement and any specific post-16 travel issues in your area. We particularly welcome the views of young people of sixth form/college age, as well as Year 11 students who will be moving on to sixth form or college in September 2019.

To recap: the following amendments were made to the Post-16 Transport Policy from September 2018:

  • Transport assistance for post-16 students will only be offered based on their exceptional individual circumstances and usually to those with an EHCP who meet the standard Home to School Transport eligibility criteria and who are also able to evidence that they are unable to get to college by other means
  • Parents are expected to pay a contribution which varies depending on the distance from home to college
  • Transport assistance will only be offered at the beginning and the end of the college day regardless of students’ individual timetables

Hampshire County Council is proposing the same Transport Policy Statement to apply for 2019/20.

More information about Home to School Transport, our policies and help with transport and travel to school.

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The deadline for responses is 11.59pm on Saturday 9 March 2019

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