Consultation on school catchment area changes which affect: St John’s CE Primary School and Great Binfields Primary School

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Hampshire County Council is reviewing the school catchments to accommodate the new housing at the Cufaude Farm Development

Hampshire County Council have been in discussion with the local schools about a proposed change to the catchment area.

The housing development planned on Cufaude Farm currently falls within the catchment area of Sherborne St John’s CE Primary School. However, due to the distance from the development to the school it is proposed that the catchment boundary be redrawn to remove it from Sherboune St John’s CE Primary School and include it within Great Binfields Primary catchment area. This will apply from September 2021 admissions onwards. There are no plans to change the secondary school catchment area, which will remain as Everest Community Academy (Secondary).

Transitional arrangements are proposed by the County Council to mitigate the impact of this change for families currently living within the area that will become the new catchment area for the Cufaude Farm development, with children already in the existing catchment schools, as follows: 

Transitional arrangements for admission to Sherborne St John Church Of England Primary School: A child starting school for the first time who has a sibling on roll at Sherborne St John Church Of England Primary School (who was on roll prior to the catchment change and who will still be attending the school at the time of the younger child’s admission), will also be given catchment priority for Sherborne St John Church Of England Primary School, up to, and including, for admission in September 2026. 

Proposed catchment change map

Further Information

Subject to approval the catchment change will be implemented for September 2021 admissions. Should the catchment change be implemented all details will be updated in the schools admission policies and on Hampshire County Council web pages to reflect this change.

Any comments on the proposal should be sent to Glenn Parkinson, Strategic Development Officer, Children’s Services Department, Hampshire County Council, Elizabeth II Court North, Winchester, SO23 8UG or by email to no later than 15 November 2019.

Any comments received will be considered as part of the statutory consultation on admission arrangements which takes place between 04 December 2019 and 20 January 2020. A final decision which takes account of the statutory admissions consultation will be made by the Executive Member for Education in February 2020. Details of the statutory admissions consultation can also be viewed via this website.