Petition - Installation of a pedestrian crossing on Ancells Road, Fleet

Response from Hampshire County Council, March 2017

Thank you for organising the petition for the installation of a Pedestrian Crossing on Ancells Road, Fleet.

When the County Council receives requests for crossing points we will necessarily consider the following criteria:

There is a well established national practice to assess the justification of a pedestrian crossing using a calculation involving both pedestrian and vehicle flows. This is knows as 'PV2' and effectively evaluates the potential for conflict between vehicles and pedestrians. This is used to ensure requests for crossings are assessed objectively and consistently. An initial site inspection and preliminary assessment is carried out by undertaking a one hour survey to provide an indicative PV2 value. The underlying principle is that controlled crossings will only operate satisfactorily if they are used on a regular basis throughout the day. If there are too few pedestrians then drivers may fail to recognise the crossing in operation and pedestrian safety could be compromised. A survey was carried out in June 2013 at the pedestrian refuge on Ancells Road indicating the PV2 value did not reach the threshold requiring anything beyond the uncontrolled crossing point already in place. In addition it was noted that in the morning peak hour, outside of a period of around fifteen minutes, there was little pedestrian activity.

We also look at the safety record. There have been no pedestrian accidents in the area over the past five years.  As you will be aware in March 2015 safety measures were implemented on Ancells Road at the junctions of Hanover Drive and Farm Drive that included the introduction of coloured high friction surfacing. In the five years prior to the scheme being introduced there were six reported personal injury accidents, and I am pleased to say since then (up to the end of November 2016) there have been no further injury accidents reported. Although none of the before accidents involved pedestrians the measures have raised driver awareness of the junctions, which should in turn assist all road users. As with all safety schemes, the location will be monitored for a further five years and should circumstances change significantly, the situation will be reviewed and appropriate action considered.

I note your concern over speeding traffic on Ancells Road. Our resources are focused on casualty reduction with sites being prioritised by using treatable patterns and clusters of recurring injury collisions. With no further injury accidents recorded at the junctions since the casualty reduction scheme was implemented, and no other recurring speed-related injury accidents reported throughout Ancells Road, measures such as a reduced speed limit cannot be considered at present.

I am sorry that you and fellow petitioners are likely to be disappointed by our response, but with the ongoing reduction and restrictions in our budgets the County Council has to prioritise new crossing points to those places where there is the greatest proven need.

Yours sincerely

Councillor Rob Humby
Executive Member for Environment and Transport