Petition - British Telecommunications DSLAM equipment box : Emsworth High Street

Response from Hampshire County Council, October 2017

Thank you for your petition, dated 29 September, regarding the siting of a BT Openreach cabinet in Emsworth High Street. BT Openreach is classed as a Statutory Undertaker, and has statutory powers to install and maintain apparatus in the highway.

The County Council’s powers are limited to directing the timing of works to minimise traffic congestion, and has no legal authority to direct the location of the cabinet except where road safety may be affected. I note that you have sent this petition to the Planning Enforcement Officer at Havant Borough Council, and I anticipate they will advise you on any planning powers in respect of the location. You may also wish to contact BT Openreach to discuss your concerns.

Yours sincerely,

Councillor R. Humby
Executive Member for Environment & Transport