Petition - The Condition of Cheriton Close

Response from Hampshire County Council, November 2016

Thank you for your letter and attached petition which was received on 17 October 2016. Below are the answers to each of the points you made.

1. That our road is swept on a regular basis to avoid the mud and stones that are continuously strewn across it due to large vehicles that cannot get around the Close without mounting the green in the centre.

We have inspected, and our highways team arranged to have some hard core stone rolled into the holes in the grass immediately behind the kerbs to stop the spread of mud. The works to roll hard core stone into the worn away edges of the central verge area was completed by our contractor on 24 October 2016

2. That the street cleaners clean all the way around it, picking up litter etc. and not just entering the Close as far as no. 1.

3. The graffiti that daubs the house wall of the entrance to Cheriton Close be removed, as it’s an eyesore and given us a bad name.

4. Regular weed killer treatment to curb weeds growing on the pavements, gutters of the road and alleyway leading into Botley Drive.

Street cleansing, graffiti removal and the treatment of weeds are the responsibility of Havant Borough Council and you should receive a separate response addressing these issues.

5. Lack of parking: at the moment we have 31 vehicles parked regularly on the road which is of a circular nature. As there are only 24 houses in the close, this is causing major problems, without visitors trying to park/work vans trying to park. Many have now started to park on the grass verges as there is nowhere else to park and therefore the grass is turning to mud and creating a dangerous surface to the road.

6. Road too narrow: the road is too narrow for cars to park on one side and enable dustcarts, lorries, fire engines etc. to gain access. The larger vehicles have to drive on part of the central green to be able to get round and this leaves the road covered in mud and stones which then get flicked up passing vehicles and chips our windscreen and the mud gets walked indoors all over our carpets.

7. No pathways from road to pavement: at the moment we only have 6 pathways which 2 of these are dropped kerbs paid for by the relevant householders that serve 24 dwellings, which again mean that we have to walk across muddy verges to get to the pavements to be able to get to our gates. Our solution would be able to create more parking spaces by reducing the size of the green, therefore the road would be kept cleaner and the grass verges turned into parking bays to make the road wider and enable large vehicles to get around the close.

When we had a Minor Highway Improvement Programme, Cheriton Close was listed as a site where we would like to reduce the grass centre island and widen the road to accommodate the on-street parking, which is currently taking place on the side of the road opposite the green.

Previously, residential parking lay-by schemes of this sort would be added to a list of minor highway improvements which would be prioritised by the local county member for a funding allocation from the Local Highways Transport Fund.  Unfortunately from 2017, in order to meet Government cuts to our budgets, the Local Highway Transport Fund for minor highway improvements will no longer exist. Currently there are no other funding sources available in the local area. Therefore, at present, the County Council are unable to provide any certainty of funding for highway schemes of this nature.

Yours sincerely

Councillor Rob Humby

Executive Member for Environment and Transport