Petition - Safer Crossing in Duttons Road

Response from Hampshire County Council, May 2017

I refer to your letter and petition received 27 March 2017.

A survey of pedestrians and traffic crossing in this area was carried out on Thursday 2 March 2017. The survey indicates that a controlled crossing would be justified, primarily as a result of school pupils crossing between 0745 and 0845 in the morning, and 1500 and 1600 in the evening. Outside of these periods, demand reduces. If a controlled crossing in this location is desired, funding would need to be identified and prioritised to this scheme over requests for other local highway improvements awaiting funding.

An initial technical assessment has been carried out to determine if a crossing could be constructed, subject to funding. The crossing desire line is between Lansdowne Close on the west side and the footway to the north which passes beneath the rail line connecting through to Romsey Industrial Estate.  The bridge affects where a controlled crossing could be located due to the visual barrier of the river wall which may affect visibility between those waiting on the north side and southbound drivers.

Additionally the waiting area on the western footway, which is on the bridge, is too narrow for a crossing, and this position is also too close to the adjacent Lansdowne Close junction. Locating a crossing point to a point south of the river bridge will take pedestrians away from the desire line, but appears technically feasible. The existing pedestrian guard railing on the north side would need to be extended to prevent pedestrians from continuing to take the current direct route. This location is only a short distance from the desire line and therefore the minor inconvenience to pedestrians could be expected to be outweighed by the benefit a controlled crossing would offer.

Due to the high costs of controlled crossings these will generally be a longer term aspiration and rely on external funding associated with adjacent development. Consequently even where a crossing meets the assessment criteria in terms of its justification, and there is broad support for its provision in the feasible location, it is unlikely a crossing could be installed quickly.

I recognise that this request follows the resignation and subsequent withdrawal of funding for the School Crossing Patrols that previously operated here. In Hampshire, School Crossing Patrols are not generally provided for secondary school aged children who will be regularly making non-school trips. Hampshire County Council instead provides road safety training and education to support parents developing in their children the road safety skills they need to use roads safely as they move up to secondary school and beyond. This ensures they can cross roads safety at all times, not just as they walk to school.

I hope this is helpful in explaining the current position.