Petition - Traffic Calming - Glenleigh Park, Havant

Response from Hampshire County Council, May 2017

I refer to your recent petition concerning the above matter.

The County Council receives regular requests for Traffic Calming but these types of measures are costly to design, implement and maintain.

Funding reductions mean we must we make the best use of the resources we have, while at the same time continuing to place safety as our highest priority.  Therefore, we prioritise resources on safety measures where we have evidence that they will reduce casualties. In addition physical speed reducing measures including humps, chicanes and narrowings tend to generate noise and vibration and have an impact on parking meaning that the introduction of such measures can prove unpopular with local residents.

In terms of potential for externally funded improvements, the planning approval for the Manor Farm development does not specifically provide for the implementation of traffic management measures (such as traffic calming and lower speed limits) in Glenleigh Park. At the present time, there are developer’s financial contributions available for highway improvements in the Havant area. However, no final decision has been made regarding the specific schemes to be funded from these contributions.

With regard to parking adjacent to the Southleigh Road/Glenleigh Park junction, this matter will be brought to the attention of the joint East Hampshire District Council/Havant Borough Council Traffic Management team who are responsible for investigating parking problems throughout this area and, where appropriate, progressing enforceable parking controls (such as yellow lining) via their rolling programme of parking schemes.