Petition - Newtown Road, Warsash

Response from Hampshire County Council, March 2016

Petition - Newtown Road Warsash

Thank you for your petition received on 22 January 2016, concerning the condition of the footway in Newtown Road, Warsash. I am aware there are a number of older residents who use this route.

The area will be checked by the local Highway Maintenance Engineer and we will write to you again following that assessment.

The other issue you raised in your letter was the speed cushions recently installed in Newtown Road. Newtown Road was the subject of an Operation Resilience road resurfacing scheme last year. The existing speed cushions along this road had deteriorated and created a poor surface over which to drive. As part of the resurfacing scheme the existing speed cushions were therefore replaced. The new speed cushions were constructed so that they form part of the permanent road surface, which replaced the existing bolt down features. In addition, the road surface either side of each cushion was resurfaced to further improve ride quality.

At that time, analysis of the injury-accident record for Newtown Road, based on information provided to us by the Police, showed that in the five-year period to the end of June 2015 there were no recorded injury accidents. A further review shows that no injury collisions have occurred since then and the last reported injury-accident recorded for this road occurred in September 1999.

From purely a casualty reduction point of view this situation is very difficult to improve upon and, when compared with many less fortunate sites across the County, this location would be a low priority in terms of making substantial changes to the type of traffic calming features currently installed or providing additional measures along Newtown Road. Nevertheless, as with the rest of the highway network that we maintain, we will continue to monitor the safety data for Newtown Road to ensure that should a more significant issue arise, the situation will be reviewed.

Yours sincerely

Councillor Seán Woodward

Executive Member for Economy, Transport and Environment