Petition - a safe place to cross St Lawrence Road, Alton

Response from Hampshire County Council, December 2017

I write in response to the petition submitted for a safe place to cross on St Lawrence Road, Alton.

As you may imagine, the County Council receives a large number of requests for pedestrian crossings and has in place an established policy utilising a standard method of assessing these to ensure all requests are considered in a consistent manner, and that crossings are installed where they will provide the most benefit and will operate safely.

An initial assessment is undertaken to identify whether a crossing could physically be constructed and to assess whether the likely usage and degree of difficulty currently experienced crossing the road justifies a costly full assessment. This first stage quantifies the need for a pedestrian crossing based on the conflict between vehicles and pedestrians. Where a minimum threshold is not met, a request for a crossing facility would not be a priority for funding and is not considered further.

The assessment system provides a consistent and objective tool for identifying the relative priority for crossings, but importantly also gives an indication of whether a crossing would be expected to operate satisfactorily. An initial assessment conducted on Wednesday 9 November 2017 indicated a formal crossing on St Lawrence Road would fall well below the required threshold.

We also look at the road safety record for the area in question. The latest safety record for this part of St Lawrence Road, Alton indicates that there have been no pedestrian personal injury accidents over the past five years.

In light of the above information this location would not meet the criteria to justify a signalised pedestrian controlled crossing, Zebra crossing, pedestrian refuge, pedestrian build out for an informal crossing, or other traffic management measures, such as additional signing or white lining. Safety is our priority, and reduced funding means that we must focus our resources where they are most needed.

Thank you for the opportunity to respond.

Yours sincerely

Cllr Rob Humby
Executive Member for Environment and Transport