Petition - Pedestrian Crossing at The Avenue, Fareham

Response from Hampshire County Council, August 2016

Thank you for organising the petition for additional crossing facilities on the A27 by Peak Lane.

Over previous years the County Council has received several enquiries about improving the pedestrian facilities at this junction, one of which culminated in the uncontrolled, highlighted crossing point close to the nursery and bus stop in 2014. Unfortunately the junction layout and land availability constrain the opportunities for pedestrian crossing improvements closer to the junction itself.

When the County Council receives requests for crossing points we will necessarily consider the following criteria;

There is a well established national practice to assess the justification of a pedestrian crossing using a calculation involving both pedestrian and vehicle flows. This is knows as 'PV2' and effectively evaluates the potential for conflict between vehicles and pedestrians. This calculation has been done for this area using surveys carried out in 2014, but it did not reach the threshold requiring anything beyond the uncontrolled crossing point which was implemented.

Whether changes can be physically accommodated within the land available.

If there is suitable funding available. The junction was surveyed as park of the A27 improvement works, and an outline cost of around £300,000 was estimated. There is no immediately identifiable source of funding to complete any major improvement works at this junction, with works being prioritised along other sections of the route. If the Newlands Farm development is given approval by Fareham Borough Council then Hampshire County Council, as the Highway Authority, will want the impact of any additional traffic on this junction assessed.

We look at the safety record of a junction. Over the past 5 years there have been nine injury incidents at the junction and only one involved a pedestrian and this had other extenuating circumstances.

On a more positive note, the County Council, as part of its ongoing maintenance regime, is planning to renew the existing traffic signals at this junction. Although I do no have a definite timescale for these works, a target for delivery is during the financial years 2018/19. The opportunity to put in a pedestrian phase whilst there maintenance tasks are being carried out has been discussed and the additional option of engineering works to create the pedestrian phase and facilities will be written into the scope of the project documentation.

I am sorry that you and fellow petitioners are likely to be disappointed by our response, but with the ongoing reduction and restrictions in our budgets the County Council has to priorities new crossing points to those places where there is the greatest proved need and funding, and also to incorporate works into the most cost-effective options.

Yours sincerely

Cllr Rob Humby 
Executive Member for Environment and Transport