Petition - Safe Crossing outside Toynbee School

Response from Hampshire County Council, August 2017

I refer to your petition handed in at the County Council meeting on 20 July following your deputation.  I confirm that our Officers have investigated the potential to provide a controlled pedestrian crossing facility on Bodycoats Road.

As I believe you may be aware, this has not proved to be feasible due to a number of constraints. For example, there is insufficient distance between residential accesses to construct a suitable crossing that would be safe for both pedestrian and motorists.  Also, there are currently many trees in the vicinity of the school which potentially limit the visibility of signal heads and there.

Officers are continuing to investigate the available options to improve the existing uncontrolled crossing facilities on Bodycoats Road. It is appreciated that the presence of parked vehicles and trees do reduce the visibility of the bollards and paving that indicate the locations where students may be crossing so, the Traffic Management Team are investigating:

  • alternative bollards that will be more visible in this environment
  • the potential to extend the tactile paved area
  • and widening the crossings where possible (without compromising access to property and the safety of the surrounding trees)

In addition, the signing for the school will be reviewed, and further discussion will take place on the achievable options to aid crossing.

I have asked Officers from the Traffic Management team to keep you updated on progress with their investigations.

Thank you for taking an interest in this matter and for allowing us the opportunity to comment.