Petition - For the installation of Traffic Lights or Effective Traffic Calming Procedure at Junction of Station and Whitefield Road, and Station Road and Osborne Road New Milton

Response from Hampshire County Council, January 2017

I refer to your recent petition regarding the above location.  I am sorry to learn that you witnessed the recent tragic accident which occurred on Whitefield Road on 1 November 2016 and I can appreciate the upset this caused.

The incident, as with all fatal and potentially fatal accidents which occur on roads maintained by Hampshire County Council, has been the subject of an individual investigation by the Casualty Reduction Partnership (CRP) which on this occasion consisted of officers from Hampshire County Council, New Forest District Council and Hampshire Constabulary.  A site visit was undertaken on 21 November 2016 and the five year accident history for Whitefield Road which also covered the Osborne Road junction of Station Road was considered. Aspects such as the road surface, lining, signing and street furniture were reviewed.  There were no concerns raised about the highway at the accident location. I can confirm the contributory factors linked to the accident at the time of the investigation were not related to the layout or operation of the crossroads.  The CRP identified the need to remark the give way triangle which is painted on the road at the Osborne Road junction and this will be carried out at the earliest opportunity. 

There are currently no plans to provide traffic signals at this junction.  A previous assessment looked at the feasibility of traffic signals being installed at the junction and this concluded that the provision could not be supported due to the considerable delays to traffic that would occur as a result.

However, specialist staff who regularly analyse injury accident data have identified the section of Station Road from its junction with Whitefield Road to Barton Court Road as a site for potential safety improvements. This location will therefore be included in our 2017/18 Routes Assessment Programme with a view to identifying possible measures to reduce personal injury accidents, in terms of both the number and severity, which occur along this section of the road. Any casualty reduction measures that are developed will be shared with New Milton Town Council for information prior to implementation.

Yours sincerely

Councillor Rob Humby
Executive Member for Environment and Transport