Petition - Road Safety on Woolston Road

Response from Hampshire County Council, November 2016

Thank you for your letter of 20th October 2016 and for sending me a copy of Nalla’s petition for improved safety in Woolston Road, Havant

I was sorry to hear of Nalla’s accident and hope she is recovering well.

The Safety Engineering Team have checked the police injury accident database for Woolston Road and note that in addition to Nalla’s accident there have been six injury accidents on the route in the past five years, of which two have involved serious injury. Whilst the accidents are evenly spread along the route with no particular pattern, this is obviously a cause for concern.

The route has been subject to improvement works in the past and most recently, in  2010, an off road cycleway was installed to link Woolston Road and the surrounding minor road network to Middle Park Way and the school. Nevertheless, officers have agreed that given the current accident record, the route will be added to one of the County Council’s casualty reduction programmes for further investigation and possible remedial measures in the new financial year. Measures are likely to consist of signing and road marking improvements to help highlight the various hazards.

The new Dunsbury Farm development does intend to provide an internal road which leads from Hulbert Road through to Woolston Road.  However, whilst pedestrian and cycle access shall be in place the road will be closed to vehicular traffic until such a time where bus companies use the development.  At present there is no official commitment to this as it will be dependent upon meeting commercial requirements. In any circumstances it is intended to install a ‘bus gate’ and the internal road will not be a link for all traffic through to the Leigh Park area.

I hope this information is of use to you.

Yours sincerely

Cllr Rob Humby

Executive Member for Environment and Transport