Greg Lawrence - LGBT role model

Customer Service Agent, Hantsdirect

My role in Hampshire County Council

I work as an Advisor in Adult Services. I am part of the front line of Adult Services and this involves identifying the varying needs of our service users and seeing how Adult Services may be able to help – and if we aren’t able to help, always trying to point someone in the right direction!

My identity

I identify as a gay cisgender male.

Why it is important to be a role model

I think being a role-model is very important as it can show people who are potentially struggling with their LGBTQ+ identity that there is a light at the end of their tunnel. I’ve been subject to a certain level of homophobia in the past and I am currently living a very happy and positive life; I am living proof that It Gets Better. I am always happy to discuss any element of LGBTQ+; questions are good (I’m constantly asking them!) and with me no questions are out of bound as it means you’re trying to understand and there can’t be anything wrong with that. There are so many people this country and across the world who have no voice; whether they be part of the LGBTQ+ rainbow or not; so it’s important to show them that they can have a voice if they want to have one, and that there are people out their willing to fight your corner! I am willing to fight your corner.

Greg Lawrence