Natalie Cross - LGBT role model

HR Business Support Team Leader

My role in Hampshire County Council

I am the HR Business Support Team Leader the primary focus of my role is to support schools in recruiting to their senior leadership teams and provide administrative support to the business unit as a whole. I also line manage two HR Assistant posts which maintain the school vacancy sites for Hampshire and Oxfordshire.

My identity

I am bisexual and married to a woman.

I have been in a relationship with my partner since I was 18. The development of our friendship in to a relationship was the catalyst to me fully accepting that I am bisexual.

Why it is important to be a role model

I would have thoroughly appreciated the opportunity to speak to people who were like me when I was unsure of my sexuality. I used to find it hard to tell others that I was bisexual. It often seemed as if it would be easier for me to just say that I was a lesbian or straight. However, as a result of having a close and supportive network of friends and family, I am now comfortable in sharing my identity with others. I would love to be able to support other people, so that they could feel the same.

I would like to be an active part of a network which educates others and provides a safe space.

Coming out can be difficult and can make you feel as though you are alone. If I could help to make someone else feel less lonely, that would be brilliant.

Natalie Cross