Health and safety - your responsibilities

Managers' responsibilities

Managers should:
  • be aware of the corporate and departmental health and safety standards and procedures that apply to your area of responsibility
  • ensure staff and others comply with their department’s health and safety requirements
  • ensure that all work related hazards are identified and suitable and sufficient risk assessments are undertaken in line with procedures
  • develop local procedures and safe working practices that implement departmental documentation
  • develop local risk assessments with the aim of eliminating or adequately controlling occupational risks
  • ensure that you and your staff have adequate levels of competency to complete tasks safely
  • provide appropriate health and safety training relevant to the hazards in their work
  • ensure that health and safety systems are maintained locally
  • report and investigate accidents, incidents and near misses as required
  • challenge unsafe behaviour in a timely way
  • encourage a positive safety culture
As a manager, here are some questions you should ask yourself, to check your health and safety performance:
  • what are the significant risks in my area of responsibility?
  • are all the risks being adequately managed?
  • do I have adequate evidence this is happening?
  • do I know what I am responsible for and is it clearly documented?
  • is there evidence that my staff know what their responsibilities are and do I check that they are meeting them?
  • do I ask safety representatives for their views when making site visits?
  • have I had adequate health and safety training and refresher training if needed?
  • can I demonstrate all significant risks have adequate control measures in place?

Employees' responsibilities

As an employee, you have responsibilities for the health and safety of yourself and anyone else with whom you come into contact at work. There are some key points to be aware of:
  • familiarise yourself with the health and safety procedures that relate to your work
  • work with due regard to the health and safety of yourself and others, including co-workers, contractors, visitors, volunteers and anyone else who might be affected by your actions
  • co-operate with and support managers in meeting their health and safety responsibilities
  • draw attention to health and safety problems or deficiencies
  • report any accident, incident, near miss or work-related illness as soon as possible