Confined spaces procedure

This procedure replaces all previous corporate policies and procedures relating to confined spaces.


Hampshire County Council recognises the risk from confined spaces and the legal requirement to ensure that any work involving confined spaces, whether permanent or temporary, will be conducted so as to protect those people involved. Where specialist advice, training, support, information, supervision or equipment is needed, this will be provided.


To meet the above policy, those with responsibilities for facilities management shall ensure:

  • permanent confined spaces within their buildings or sites are identified
  • work that creates a temporary confined space is identified
  • hazards relating to a confined space are identified, risk assessed and recorded
  • systems are designed that avoid the need to enter confined spaces, so far as is reasonably practicable
  • suitable safe systems of work for entry into and work in confined spaces are developed and implemented where entry is unavoidable (advice should be sought from the departmental health and safety team)
  • arrangements are made to ensure that people who enter a confined space only do so using the relevant safe systems of work
  • where necessary, access to confined spaces are suitably signed and, where appropriate, controlled
  • contractors are made aware of the risks from the confined space and checks are made to ensure contractors have and use suitable safe systems of work

To meet the above policy, line managers shall ensure:

  • staff, including employees from other sections and departments, are aware of any confined spaces in the working environment and what restrictions or safe systems of work apply
  • the person responsible for facilities management is advised of work that creates a temporary confined space
  • staff and contractors follow the safe systems of work when entering or working in a confined space
Full procedure

Download the full corporate confined spaces procedure.