Construction health and safety procedure

Issue 3 – May 2018

This procedure replaces all previous corporate construction health and safety policies and procedures relating to CDM.

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM) came into force on 6 April 2015 and apply to all construction activities conducted by Hampshire County Council (HCC).

HCC typically fulfils the roles of Client, and often that of Principal Designer and Designer, as defined in CDM, for construction projects. This procedure has been prepared to ensure a consistent and legally compliant framework enabling HCC to deliver quality construction projects safely and within the requirements of CDM in these two roles. This procedure does not go beyond these roles.


This procedure recognises and assumes that Hampshire County Council staff are competent in their roles and as professionals do not need to be told in detail what is necessary to discharge their legal duties. Should any person not understand their role, having read the Construction, Design and Management Regulations and associated documents, they should immediately seek advice from their Manager or departmental health and safety team. Following this procedure does not in itself ensure you have discharged these duties, as an individual or on behalf of Hampshire County Council.

There are three sections to this procedure:

  • section 1: The narrative which sets out the purpose and procedure.
  • section 2: Appendix 1 is flow chart showing the three stages of a CDM construction project and the points at which key checks need to be made before continuing to the next stage.
  • section 3: Appendices 2-5 are check sheets which are required to be completed and verified by nominated staff. These sheets are likely to form the front sheets on any project file designed to allow easy verification that all duties have been discharged. Associated documents should be referenced on the check sheet and filed for reference with the contract documents.

These sheets do not repeat or summarise the legal duties.


The terminology for this procedure is interpreted and defined in Regulation 2 of CDM.

Project Officer: the person appointed by HCC to be responsible for the successful delivery of a project.


Appointment to roles

A Project Officer will be appointed to manage the construction project with overall responsibility for complying with this procedure and legislation.

Individual roles as defined in CDM will be appointed by the Project Officer.

Document management

The Project Officer will make arrangements for project documentation to be held locally in a consistent format. These documents will include the flowchart and check lists from this procedure. These will be maintained and up to date.

Recording key stages and verifying compliance

Individuals will discharge their duties and confirm this on the relevant check sheet with their name and date completed. They will then be verified as suitable and sufficient to discharge the duty by a Line Manager.

Completion of the Project

On completion of the project the check sheet and associated documentation should be retained as part or the Health and Safety File.

Guides and appendices

Managing health and safety in construction – Guidance on CDM Regulations

Summary of duties under CDM 2015


Appendix 1

Flow chart

Appendix 2

Pre-construction check list – Client duties

Appendix 3

Pre-construction check list – Designer duties

Appendix 4

Pre-construction check list – Contractor duties

Appendix 5

Construction phase – Check list

Download full procedure

The full procedure is available as a printable document

Corporate health & safety procedure - CDM - Issue 3 - 2018-05