Corporate health and safety policy statement

Hampshire County Council recognises that good health and safety management supports the delivery of our services for the people of Hampshire. As part of the overall risk management process and culture, good health and safety management will help reduce the risk of injury and loss, help promote a healthy workforce and help protect all who are affected by the County Council’s services.

This policy and the management structure and arrangements that support it, contributes to the achievement of the following Corporate Priorities:
  • Hampshire safer and more secure for all
  • Maximising Wellbeing
  • Enhancing our quality of place

Hampshire County Council recognises and will meet its common law and statutory health and safety responsibilities. It will provide, so far as is reasonably practicable, a safe and healthy environment for its staff and all persons affected by its undertaking. This will be based on providing safe environments for learning, leisure and care work, safe places of work, safe systems of work, safe equipment and materials for use at work and individuals who are competent.

The County Council will maintain appropriate health and safety management systems, arrangements and organisational structures to ensure adequate health and safety for all people affected by its operations. It has adopted the Health & Safety Executive’s "Successful Health and Safety Management" (HSG 65) as its model for health and safety management systems and will measure its health and safety management systems against that model. The County Council will monitor and review the effectiveness of these systems.

Managers will ensure health and safety matters are an integral part of all activities and health and safety is given due consideration with other service commitments.

The County Council will endeavour to consult on significant health and safety issues with the workforce in good time to enable staff to express their views on health and safety issues. All staff must actively support the County Council’s efforts by working with due regard to the safety of themselves and others. It expects and encourages similar support from contractors, partners and volunteers and co-operation from clients and other visitors who use its facilities or visit premises.

Corporate health and safety policy statement