Electricity procedure - currently under review


Hampshire County Council recognises the hazards from use of electricity and electrical equipment and how essential their use is in delivering services to Hampshire. Therefore the County Council will aim to provide suitable equipment and systems to ensure that electricity at work can be used safely.

  • Ensure that arrangements are in place to inspect and test electrical equipment periodically at a frequency that matches the use of that equipment and the risk of wear or damage that the use could cause
  • Ensure that electrical equipment is maintained as is necessary, used for its designed purpose and not modified other than by a qualified electrician
  • Working with Property Services, ensure the electrical supply and distribution systems are appropriately tested
  • Ensure the electrical supply and distribution systems are not modified other than by a qualified electrician instructed by Property Services
  • Ensure that any work activities which could give rise to hazards from electricity are identified and risk assessed
  • Where necessary, controls are put in place to eliminated or control the risks from electrical hazards
  • The risk assessments are reviewed regularly and whenever there has been an adverse incident arising out of the use of or contact with electricity
  • Staff who work with electrical equipment have had suitable and sufficient information, instruction and training as is necessary to enable them to work safely
  • Any electrical equipment is selected as appropriate for the conditions in which it will be used, maintained and regularly tested
Full purpose

Download the full corporate electricity procedure.