First aid procedure - Issue 2 May 2018

This procedure replaces all previous corporate policies and procedures relating to first aid.


This sets a common approach to providing adequate first aid provision at work in the Council. The purpose is to provide suitably trained and equipped personnel to treat employees and others using our sites if they become ill or injured.


The Council undertakes numerous activities that present significantly different risks and therefore require varying levels of first aid. This procedure recognises this variation and provides a common method of deciding the appropriate first aid provision in the form of people and equipment.


  • Section 1: First aid needs assessment
  • Section 2: First aid materials, equipment and facilities
  • Section 3: First aid personnel
  • Section 4: First aid training

There are five appendices which mirror the four sections of this procedure with a final checklist to assist managers.


First aid is treatment for preserving life and minimising the consequences of injury and illness until suitable medical assistance is gained, if necessary.

First aid needs assessment

Managers of sites must consider the appropriate first aid provision for their site giving due regard to the activities and risks created. Appendix 1 contains guidance to assist in this assessment. The conclusions of this assessment should be recorded.

The needs assessment should consider:

  • the hazardous nature of any activities in the workplace including specific activities, e.g. using chemicals, machinery and plant etc.
  • the need to provide first aid for those other than employees, e.g. service users including vulnerable persons, children, volunteers, members of the public etc.
  • the size and characteristics of the workplace, establishment or setting, distance between buildings or sites
  • the remoteness of the establishment/setting from emergency medical services
  • locations of lone workers
  • historical accident information and data
  • provision when employees work part time, take annual leave or are off sick
  • any off site activity, work away from base including travelling

First aid needs assessment should be reviewed regularly (at least annually) and in anticipation of, or after, any significant changes to ensure the provision remains suitable.

Peripatetic staff/travelling staff

Where staff work or travel away from their place of work or are home based, some provision for first aid is needed based on the type of risks involved. This may be no more than the provision of a small first aid kit so that the individual can self-administer first aid, but suitability must be decided through a needs assessment as for fixed location workers.

Informing employees of the arrangements

The assessment should also set out how employees will be informed of the arrangements.

First aid materials, facilities and equipment

As a result of the first aid needs assessment, suitable and sufficient materials, equipment and facilities must be provided.

Appendix 2 gives guidance on the following:

  • first aid box contents
  • medical rooms/first aid accommodation
  • specific equipment
First aid personnel

Staff who are expected to perform first aid duties should be notified in writing of their role and training requirements. They should be made aware of the first aid needs assessment and be clear what part they play in delivery of first aid. They should be provided with suitable training for their role which should be updated in accordance with Appendix 4.

There are different levels of first aid personnel which relate to different levels of training and different competencies. Details are set out in Appendix 3.

In summary they fall into four categories:

  • Appointed Person
  • Emergency First Aid at Work
  • First Aid at Work
  • Additional training (such as paediatric first aid or the use of a defibrillator)

Details of how to obtain first aiders in an emergency should be prominently displayed. In smaller sites this may be a list of trained first aiders with contact details whereas on complex sites there maybe one contact number managed for example by the Facilities Management Team. Regardless, it should be clear how a person obtains competent assistance rapidly.

First aid training

Suitable training is required to fulfil the first aid personnel roles above. Training courses must comply with current standards from the Resuscitation Council (UK).

Appendix 4 contains a diagram to assist in understanding the requirements for refresher training.


Health and Safety Executive guide to first aid at work

Resuscitation Council (UK)


Appendix 1 – First aid needs assessment

Appendix 2 – First aid materials, facilities and equipment

Appendix 3 – First aid personnel

Appendix 4 – First aid training

Appendix 5 – Management flowchart and checklist

Printable version of procedure

The full procedure is available as a printable document.

Corporate health and safety procedure - First aid - Issue 2