Legionella procedure

This procedure replaces all previous corporate policies and procedures relating to Legionella.


Hampshire County Council recognises the importance of correctly managing the risks from Legionella. The Council is committed to meeting the requirements as laid down by legislation and Approved Codes of Practice in connection with Legionella prevention and good management of water systems.


To comply with this policy, the following standards shall be met.

People responsible for facilities management shall ensure:

  • risks from Legionella in all premises with hot and/or cold water systems are identified, risk assessed, recorded and suitable control measures implemented as necessary
  • local humidifiers have a planned regime of chemical treatment
  • any vulnerable groups or individuals who may use the premises are identified
  • where other possible sources of Legionella exist (e.g. whirlpools, spa baths, jacuzzis, misting/spraying systems for greenhouses, decorative fountains) appropriate advice is taken from Property Services or departmental Health and Safety Advisers regarding suitable risk control measures to reduce growth of Legionella

For locations where there is significant risk from Legionella, Facilities Managers shall ensure:

  • water temperature measurements are taken and recorded at monthly intervals from sentinel taps
  • any cold water storage tanks are inspected and cleaned at least annually
  • flushing of hot and cold water systems are undertaken at least weekly depending on usage and recorded and in any event water systems are flushed after any period of non-use greater than seven days
  • water outlets such as showers, sprays and misters are descaled and disinfected at quarterly intervals or more frequently where deemed necessary
  • contingency plans are put in place to ensure suitable action is taken if Legionella is found in water systems in significant quantities
  • outlets which are seldom used are identified and reported to PBRS
  • hot-water outlets which take a long time to reach full temperature are identified and reported to PBRS
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Corporate Legionella procedure