Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment (LOLER) procedure

This procedure replaces all previous corporate policies and procedures relating to Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment.


Hampshire County Council is committed to ensuring safe and healthy working practices when lifting equipment is used by people at work. It will ensure that lifting equipment is suitable for the type of lifting activities and the environment in which the lifting activities take place. It will ensure that any lifting activities are suitably planned and organised with regard to safety.


To comply with this policy, the following standards shall be met.

Managers shall ensure that:

  • they identify hazards associated with the use of lifting equipment
  • they assess risks in any proposed use of lifting equipment and put suitable controls in place to eliminate or control the risks
  • they review the risk assessments regularly (normally annually), whenever the circumstances change and in any case after an incident involving the use of lifting equipment
  • all lifting activities are appropriately planned
  • employees and others involved in lifting activities are appropriately competent before taking active part in lifting activities
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Corporate Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment procedure