Mobile work equipment procedure

This procedure replaces all previous corporate policies and procedures relating to mobile work equipment.


Hampshire County Council uses a wide range of mobile work equipment. It recognises the risks from the use of such equipment and will comply with the relevant legislation and codes of practice to eliminate or minimise such risks.


To meet the requirements of the policy, managers shall ensure:

  • any mobile work equipment is selected, purchased and provided to be appropriate for the task and having regard to the risks involved
  • that the significant hazards have been identified and the risks assessed that arise from the use of mobile work equipment
  • risk assessments are reviewed on a regular basis and in any case after a serious accident or incident involving the use of mobile work equipment
  • that only staff who are suitably fit, competent and authorised use mobile work equipment
  • all mobile work equipment is appropriately maintained
  • suitable arrangements are made to protect against the risks of the mobile work equipment rolling over
  • that suitable restraints are fitted and used in mobile work equipment that carries persons
  • where persons other than the driver are carried, the mobile work equipment is suitable for carrying persons and they are protected from the risks caused by the wheels or tracks
  • any self propelled mobile work equipment has:
    • facilities to prevent unauthorised persons starting it
    • devices for braking and stopping including secondary devices where this is required to achieve appropriate levels of safety
    • adequate field of vision for the driver including the provision of mirrors, and lights if used in the dark
    • suitable fire fighting equipment, where there is a risk of fire from anything carried or towed
  • any drive shafts to connect to other equipment or anything towed have suitable measure to prevent a seizure or damage from contact with the ground when the drive shaft is uncoupled
  • any remote-controlled mobile work equipment is provided with controls that automatically stop it if it goes out of it control range and features that would prevent crushing or impact where this could be a risk
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