Moving and handling procedure

This procedure replaces all previous corporate policies and procedures relating to moving and handling.


Hampshire County Council is committed to reducing the risk to employees who carry out moving and handling in the course of their work. Hampshire County Council does not expect or require individuals to undertake any moving and handling task that will lead to injury or ill health.

All hazardous moving and handling tasks will be assessed to determine the potential risk of injury and be designed to eliminate or reduce the risk, so far as is reasonably practicable.

Wherever reasonably practicable, hazardous handling will be by mechanical means. Where mechanical means cannot be employed, then alternative safe systems of work will be identified.

Where the load involves moving a person, the risk assessment and the safe system of work will take into account the risks presented to that person by being moved, in addition to the risks of those undertaking the task. Management of falls and the correct approach to dealing with someone who has fallen needs to be covered by managers when considering these risks.


To comply with this policy the following standards shall be met for all types of moving and handling activities.

Managers shall ensure that:

  • sufficient numbers of suitable individuals are trained and competent to undertake moving and handling risk assessments
  • hazardous moving and handling operations in their area are identified
  • the need for any hazardous moving and handling operations is avoided so far as is reasonably practicable
  • risk of injury from all unavoidable hazardous moving and handling operations is assessed and action is taken to reduce that risk
  • assessments are reviewed:
    • on a regular basis (normally annually, or as stipulated by the risk assessor)
    • in response to change of working practice
    • following an injury or potential serious incident
    • whenever it is felt that the assessment no longer adequately reflects the work hazards or the risks from them
  • staff who undertake hazardous moving and handling operations in the course of their work are trained in correct moving and handling techniques and in the use of any equipment provided to reduce the risks, before starting such work
  • equipment provided for moving and handling is maintained in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions and, where necessary, subjected to regular inspections and tests as required for lifting equipment
  • staff are informed and provided with relevant information to enable them to undertake hazardous moving and handling operations safely
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Corporate moving and handling procedure