Noise procedure

This procedure replaces all previous corporate policies and procedures relating to noise.


Hampshire County Council recognises that noise can be a source of ill health and shall ensure that risks are assessed and control measures introduced that eliminate or control the effects. The Council shall ensure that all staff exposed to identified risks are provided with appropriate information, instruction or training and that those staff that require it are subject to health surveillance.


To meet the above policy, managers shall ensure that:

  • the selection and purchase of machinery and equipment considers noise levels and selects equipment with the lower levels where noise is identified as a hazard in the work environment
  • potential sources of noise that could affect health are identified (noise at or above the first action level)
  • individuals who may be affected by the sources of noise are identified (Note: This policy does not refer to nuisance noise which is normally below the relevant action levels)
  • risks arising from these sources are assessed by competent persons and reviewed regularly (normally annually) and when circumstances change or where there are indications that health is being affected
  • control measures are introduced that will eliminate or, if this is not reasonably practicable, control the level of exposure to sources of harmful noise by reducing the noise level, so far as is reasonably practicable, to a minimum
  • exposure levels of affected individuals to noise are measured or calculated and recorded as part of the risk assessment process (Note: if the noise level is at or above the second action level then the exposure of individuals to noise shall be measured by a competent person)
  • where individual exposure meets or exceeds the relevant action levels, a suitable programme of health surveillance is introduced along with pre-employment medical screening to record baseline measurements for staff starting work in those roles
  • individuals at potential risk from noise are provided with appropriate information, instruction and training in the risks from noise and how to protect themselves. This includes provision of signs indicating controlled areas or equipment where exposure to hazardous noise levels may occur.
  • where exposure to noise levels remains at or above the first action level after control measures have been implemented, staff shall be provided with hearing protection on request
  • where exposure to noise levels remains at or above the second action level then wearing of suitable hearing protection is made mandatory
  • individuals are not exposed to noise above the exposure limit values; however if an individual noise exposure exceeds the exposure limit values an investigation into the reasons for the exposure is undertaken and the control measure improved to ensure this does not happen again
Full procedure

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