Personal Protective Equipment (PPE and RPE) procedure

This procedure replaces all previous corporate policies and procedures relating to Personal Protective Equipment.


Hampshire County Council aims to provide a safe working environment and practices at all times. It will undertake risk assessments and implement appropriate control measures to eliminate or control risks, so far as is reasonably practicable. Where necessary, it will issue Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) or Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) as a control measure, but only as a last resort where other control measures have not reduced the risk sufficiently or are not practical.

Before PPE is issued, suitable assessment will be made to identify the most appropriate type, taking into account the nature of the hazard, the type of task to be undertaken, the location and conditions where the task is to be undertaken, the possible impact of other PPE or work equipment and the needs of the individual.


To meet the requirement of the above policy, statement managers shall ensure that:

  • suitable and sufficient risk assessments are undertaken by persons competent to undertake that activity
  • suitable control measures are put in place to eliminate hazards or control the risks
  • where it is necessary to issue PPE or RPE as a control measure, the risk assessment identifies the most appropriate PPE
  • where more than one item of PPE is to be worn at the same time, the individual items of PPE issued do not adversely affect the safe use and operation of any of the other items
  • any PPE or RPE is issued on a personal basis where practicable
  • any shared PPE will need to be in a suitably clean, hygienic state before reissue
  • any PPE or RPE is, where necessary, maintained and tested to ensure that it remains effective
  • where a close fitting type RPE is issued for the first time, suitable fit testing is undertaken by a competent person. Suitable records of fit testing will be maintained. Fit testing shall be repeated when there are changes to the model of RPE or changes to the facial characteristics of the individual.
  • individuals issued with PPE are provided with appropriate information, instruction and, as necessary, training in the correct fitting, use, cleaning, maintaining and storing of PPE. Any training shall be repeated as often as is appropriate.
  • where non-disposable PPE is used, suitable arrangements are made to clean, maintain and store the PPE
Full procedure

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