Radiation procedure

This procedure replaces all previous corporate policies and procedures relating to radiation.


Hampshire County Council recognises that various forms of radiation, ionising and non-ionising, can be present, often harmlessly, in and around the Council sites and premises. The Council acknowledges that exposure to some forms of radiation has the potential to endanger safety and health. The Council shall therefore manage sources of radiation in their control and, so far as is reasonably practicable, protect people from any adverse affects from radiation.


To comply with this policy, the following standards shall be met:

  • Sources of harmful radiation on or near sites under their control are identified and risk assessed.
  • Arrangements for monitoring and testing and adequate expert advice are in place to ensure safe control of sources of radiation, where feasible.
  • Appropriate control measures are implemented where radiation may pose a risk.
  • Appropriate information, instruction and training is provided to all persons who may be adversely affected by radiation.
  • Communication service providers who own/operate telecommunications equipment on council premises, demonstrate that their operations are safe and equipment is adequately maintained, and tested.
  • Advice is sought as is necessary from the Property Services on matters relating to communication service providers.
  • Where these have been appointed, there is appropriate liaison with designated Radiation Protection Advisers, Radiation Protection Officers and Radiation Protection Supervisors.
Full procedure

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