Violence and aggression procedure

This procedure replaces all previous corporate policies and procedures relating to violence and aggression.


Hampshire County Council is committed to controlling and reducing the risk to its staff from violence and aggression whilst at work. The Council will put systems in place to require managers to take the necessary action to prevent or minimise the risks from violence and aggression and systems to support staff who have experienced or observed violence or aggression. The Council will not tolerate deliberate acts of violence or aggression towards staff and will reserve the right to take legal action or request legal constraints against individuals, where this is necessary to protect staff.


To meet the requirements of the violence and aggression procedure, policy managers shall ensure:

  • staff who may be at risk from violence and aggression at work are identified
  • risk assessments are undertaken and recorded to assess the risks from violence and aggression
  • the assessment is reviewed regularly, or whenever the circumstances change, or when there has been an incident involving violence or aggression
  • suitable control measures are put in place to eliminate or reduce the risks from violence and aggression
  • staff are provided with suitable information, instruction and training relating to violence and aggression and are appropriately supervised
  • appropriate records are kept to show what information, instruction and training have been given to staff
  • that all incidents of violence or aggression are reported and appropriately investigated
  • staff who have been exposed to violence or aggression are offered appropriate support and assistance as soon as is reasonable after the incident
Full procedure

Download the full corporate violence and aggression procedure


Report an incident of violence and aggression