Commitment ceremonies

What is a commitment ceremony?

A commitment ceremony gives couples an opportunity to celebrate their commitment to each other, without entering into a legally recognised marriage or civil partnership.

What happens at a commitment ceremony

You are able to give your promises to each other, exchange rings, and invite your guests to participate in the ceremony.

A commemorative certificate is presented to mark the occasion.

Legal status

Unlike a marriage or civil partnership, this alternative ceremony has no legal status.


You can decide on the most appropriate venue for your ceremony.

This may be a register office, your home or garden, a hotel, a village hall, or another suitable non-religious setting.

Ceremony fees

There is a non-refundable booking fee for ceremonies in Hampshire. This reserves the date and time you have requested for your ceremony.

You are required to pay in full three calendar months prior to the ceremony.


Book a commitment ceremony

To book your ceremony please complete the booking enquiry form and one of the Ceremonies Liaison Team will be in contact to talk to you through your booking.

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