European Passport Return Service (EPRS)

Keep your passport whilst your application is processed by the Home Office

Who is it for?

Some EEA and Swiss nationals can apply online, as well as by post, for a document confirming they have a right to permanent residence in the UK or for a registration certificate as a qualified person. This service is for European Economic Area (EEA) and Swiss nationals who have applied online using the EEA(QP) or EEA(PR) application forms and have been issued with an individual payment notification number (PNN).

Families can make a joint application, however, all adults must attend the office in person in order to use this service. Children under 16 do not need to attend in person but parents must ensure that all relevant documents including passports are presented.

If you are using a Passport to support your application we can photocopy this and submit it with your application, you can retain the original while you application is being considered. If you are providing an ID card then the original must be submitted with your application as we are unable to photocopy these documents.

Before attending the office

Complete the relevant online application at GOV.UK.

You must attend the office within 10 working days of submitting your online form.

Ensure you have printed off a copy of your completed application form as well as your checklist which will include your individual payment notification number (PNN).

Ensure you have your current passport, photographs and all relevant supporting documentation with you. We cannot provide any advice on the supporting documents you choose to submit.

What happens at the Register Office?

Once an online application has been completed you will be able to present your EEA or Swiss passport to a member of staff at one of our participating offices. We will send a certified copy of your passport along with your checklist, application and any supporting documents to the Home Office on your behalf.

We offer a drop-in service on the following days:

  • Wednesday and Thursday, 9am to 12 noon at Fareham Registration Office
  • Monday and Thursday, 9am to 12 noon at Basingstoke Registration Office
  • Tuesday and Thursday, 9am to 12 noon at Winchester Registration Office

There is no need to book a slot. Inform the Reception staff upon arrival that you would like to use the European Passport Return Service.

If we experience high volumes of customers wishing to use the service on a specific day we may not be able to accommodate all requests and you may have to attend another drop-in service at a later date.


The fee for this service is £14 (1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019) plus postage costs dependent on the weight of your application. Applications are sent by special delivery. Family applications may be sent in one package but will require an individual fee per adult or child application.  Royal Mail postage prices.

The fee is payable when you attend the office. You can pay by Debit/Credit Card (excluding American Express) or cash.

What happens next?

Using the European Passport Return Service does not guarantee that your application will be successful or that a decision will be reached any more quickly. The decision to approve your application rests entirely with the Home Office. 

The Home Office may contact you for further information after your application and documents have been submitted.

The Home Office will contact you directly to advise you of the outcome of your application. 

We are unable to follow up your application for you. You must contact the Home Office directly for any further information.