Order of Ceremony

A civil ceremony lasts about 30 minutes, depending on the music and readings you include.

The example shows where these may be included.

  • Background music of your choice can be played as your guests are seated 
  • Entrance of the couple (either together or separately) 
  • A welcome and introduction 
  • A reading by a member of your wedding party (optional) 
  • The definition of marriage according to the law 
  • Declaratory Words 
  • The "giving away" of one or both parties (optional) 
  • Contracting Words (vows) 
  • Any personal vows or promises (optional) 
  • The exchange of rings (optional) 
  • Another reading by a member of your wedding party (optional) 
  • Announcement of couple as husband and wife/husband and husband or wife and wife 
  • The Signing of the Marriage Register 
  • Presentation of Marriage Certificate 
  • Photographs 
  • Exit of the couple