Vows, readings and music

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After you have given notice of marriage, you will receive a pack which will include additional information to help you plan your ceremony. Staff at our registration offices will be happy to discuss any aspect of your ceremony to make sure the day is perfect for you.


For a marriage ceremony there are certain words, which must be included by law, (the Declaration and the Contract) but there is an element of choice. The options will be detailed in your planning pack.

Suggested additional vows


Civil marriage ceremonies are non-religious. Readings or music containing an incidental reference to a god or deity would be acceptable but must be essentially non-religious in context. 

Civil marriage ceremonies should not include extracts from an authorised religious marriage service or readings from sacred religious texts, hymns or other religious chants. They should not involve any religious rituals or any form of worship. This also applies to any material used by way of introduction or conclusion to the ceremony.

Suggested readings


Any music should be of a non-religious nature, and must be confirmed in advance to ensure their suitability for a civil ceremony. 

Check with your venue to make sure you bring the music in the right format (USB ,IPod, CD, MP3 )