Serving the public sector

Education institutions, emergency services, district and unitary councils, charities and voluntary organisations can purchase much of their services and supplies via local government authorities either through a catalogue or direct via an established local authority contract.

Advantages for the customer

The time and work associated with tendering and awarding a contract can be considerable. By collaborating with other public sector organisations this process becomes more economical and the resulting increased volume of goods or services equate to better pricing and terms and conditions. This means the CBC contracts that are created provide a very competitive and attractive price for the end user.

What is on offer from CBC?

Unlike some other public sector consortia CBC does not operate one central warehouse or have one catalogue. However three of our authorities Hampshire CC, Hertfordshire CC and Kent CC do have catalogues which are comprehensive in coverage. These three authorities serve in geographic terms the southern half of England.

Would you like to place an order from a stores catalogue?

Please contact one of the three members offering to supply from a stores catalogue who is geographically nearest to your location.

Contact details:

Would you like to place an order using an existing direct contract?

CBC does not have customers as such, it is the individual members that have relationships with other public sector bodies. As such you should contact your local authority member to see what is available in the first instance:

Contact details

If you have difficulty or require any further information please contact