Engaging the market

CBC is a group of local authority procurement departments who, together, develop competitive purchasing arrangements for selected services and products that are required by local authorities and their associated public sector organisations.

Contract collaboration

Member authorities collectively come together to identify a common need or initiative. Members only participate in those initiatives which are of value to them, and as such is a coalition of the willing and committed.

For each initiative a Lead Authority and Lead Buyer will be agreed who take a supply or service contract from the first stages of assessing market demand right through to the final stages of contract award and communication of the arrangements.

The Lead Buyer is the person best able to field general enquiries from suppliers.

Benefit to local authorities

CBC provides an opportunity for local authorities to combine purchasing strength with local service, for the benefit of council tax payers and public sector bodies.

A local service philosophy is enshrined in the objectives of procurement departments and so the CBC buying strength is seen as a significant aid to achieving those objectives.

CBC is operated by the staff of the authorities that make up its membership and therefore it has no fixed overheads.

Open and reliable contracting processes are legal necessities for the public sector and CBC's professional buying brings these advantages direct to public sector customers.

Would you like to supply us?

Contracts are awarded to suppliers following a process of competitive tendering. The majority of tender invitations issued through the CBC will have an estimated value that requires compliance with OJEU contract regulations, and that in turn means that the customers who are expected to use the resulting framework contract are identifies in the official OJEU Notice.

To be aware of impending invitations to tender, suppliers should regularly monitor the Official Journal of the European Community (OJEU). It is also advisable to check online tendering websites.

In addition contract opportunities can be viewed on the Government's Contract Finder website.

Would you like more help?

To speak to a member of the CBC who is handling contracting for a product or service that you can supply, please email andrew.foster@hants.gov.uk