Local Produce

Categorised in: Food, Drink and Catering

      • Contract period
      • 1/4/2020 to 31/3/2024
      • Extension option
      • <Not set>
      • Coverage
      • Regional Hampshire County Council, Hampshire Fire and Rescue, Hampshire Constabulary, Hampshire Schools, and CBC member authorities and their affiliates
  • Contract scope

  • Framework for the Supply and Distribution of Fresh Meat, Fish, Cakes and Bakery, Coffee, Ice Cream, and Other Miscellaneous Items.

  • Suppliers

  • Berry's Bakery

    The Coffee 2u Co Ltd

    Creed Foodservice Ltd

    Eden Springs UK Ltd

    Judes Ices

    Medina Quay Meats

    New Forest Ice Cream Ltd

    Refreshment Systems

    Solent Butchers Marchment Ltd

    Solent Clams Limited

    County Foods Ltd