The Inspection, Maintenance and Repair of Physical Education, Fitness and Outdoor Play Equipment

Categorised in: Facilities, Energy and Waste

      • Contract period
      • 1/4/2019 to 31/3/2023
      • Extension option
      • <Not set>
      • Coverage
      • Local Hampshire County Council & Hampshire Schools
  • Contract scope

  • Inspection, maintenance and repair services for physical education, fitness and outdoor play equipment.

    SAP Contract References:

    • 44CS12245 - for use by Hampshire County Council
    • 44HS12245 - for use by Hampshire Schools

    Following a review of the previous inspection specification, and as a result of changes to outdoor school equipment and play areas over the years, this contract contains updated requirements to ensure the inspection specification maintains the safest environment for children using outdoor play equipment. In light of this review, the standard required for outdoor inspections has been updated to incorporate fall heights, surfacing and a higher standard of inspection of the play equipment structure.

    These changes will inevitably take more time, but will lead to continued safe play for the children and once on site, the inspector will be able to assess the type of equipment and how long this will take to inspect and can then adjust the payment accordingly following the visit.

  • Suppliers

  • Universal Services (Sports Equipment) Ltd