Crime Scene Consumables

Categorised in: Emergency Services

      • Contract period
      • 5/10/2020 to 30/6/2022
      • Extension option
      • 30/6/2024
      • Coverage
      • Local Hampshire Constabulary Only
  • Contract scope

  • Hampshire Constabulary Provision for Crime Scene Consumables.

    SAP Contract Reference: 44HC11129

    To ensure Scenesafe implements correct procedures for all orders, especially for the custody suites, SOC, CSI, and Forensics, please ensure the below information is on all Purchase Orders; This is to assist the suppliers warehouse picking and packing to make sure the goods sent to the correct location, and are not mixed in boxes. It's important to know if it needs to be forensically packaged for departments like SOC, CSI, or Forensics.

    • Department
    • Name of person the goods are for, or to
    • Contact Number
  • Suppliers

  • WA Products t/a SceneSafe